Mettler-Toledo Intl

IRS: 133668641
Mettler-Toledo Intl

Mettler-Toledo supplies weighing and precision instruments to customers in the life sciences (50% of sales), industrial (42%), and food retail industries (8%). Its products include laboratory and retail scales, pipettes, pH meters, thermalanalysis equipment, titrators, metal detectors, and X-ray analyzers. Mettler leads the market for weighing instrumentation and controls more than 50% of the market for lab balances. The business is geographically diversified, with sales distribution roughly as follows: the United States around 30% of sales, Western Europe around 20%, Switzerland around 20%, China around 20%, and the rest of the world around 10%.

1991 (30 years)
Investor RelationsSEC
3 billion (2020)

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