Digital Realty Trust

IRS: 260081711
Digital Realty Trust

Digital Realty owns and operates over 275 data centers worldwide. It has more than 30 million rentable square feet across five continents. Digital's offerings range from retail co-location, where an enterprise may rent a single cabinet andrely on Digital to provide all the accommodations, to "cold shells," where hyper-scale cloud service providers can simply rent much, or all, of a barren, power-connected building. In recent years, Digital Realty has de-emphasized cold shells and now primarily provides higher-level service to tenants, which outsource their related IT needs to Digital. Digital Realty has also moved more into the co-location business, increasingly serving enterprises and facilitating network connections. Digital Realty operates as a real estate investment trust.

2004 (17 years)
Investor RelationsSEC
4 billion (2020)

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